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I am a Newbie on the CD101 lounge tip site! Any advice?? I recently moved to Columbus, and fell in love with this station! We have called several times for concert ticket contest, (gotten threw) but have not yet won! I recently heard they are giving away Tickets to All Good Music festival! I heard a lounge tip yesterday. How long. Do we have to enter it, and where do we enter it at?? Any advice, please let me know!

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Hi Cheyenne,
Lounge tips can be entered into the CD102.5 site at any time during the day before midnight except for the "Special" tips (such as the ones given for the Flaming Lips/All good music festival at 9:35, 12:35, 3:35 and 6:35). The "special" tips have to be entered within a half hour. As for concert tickets it's hard to get through, let alone be the right caller to get tickets. Good luck! Oh and for text club, sounding board tips, those are not posted here (so that the station can actually get feedback). Welcome to the group!

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from where did you move ?

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i'm 30 years old and have been listening since my teens. i've only gotten through on the phone twice ever. but did win once. and it was for deftones tickets (not exactly cd101 listener type) on a sunday afternoon (not exactly a heavy listening time). and i actually got through twice on that call. was like #7 first and then called back and won. so obviously not many people were calling.

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Yeah I think on weekends it's probably easier. I did win a cd once, that was exciting because it was a win it before you can buy it. I'm usually on a bike ride on weekends, since I'd rather do that than anything else. If I'm home though I turn on the radio and will contribute tips if I hear them.

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